NCHRC is 100 bedded hospital with single & double bedded cabins, deluxe rooms, suite room and various specialized wards. Each patient bed from day-care to suite is equipped with Central Oxygen supply, suction facility, nurse call facility and free access to Wi-Fi.

The various room categories and facilities available at Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Centre are as follows:​

    • Deluxe suite –NCHRC Suite is an accommodation designed to meet the privacy as well as wellbeing of the patient and their attendants. The suite includes a room with attached washroom and a kitchen. One of the eye catching features of this room is the view from the window. This is a luxury room set that includes facilities like television set, Air conditioner, sofa cum bed, telephone set, hot/cold water facilities and a small kitchen with water dispenser, refrigerator, microwave and utensils. This room is also furnished with storage cabinet with locker system where patients and patient’s visitors can keep their belongings.
    • Deluxe room– These are well furnished rooms with an attached washroom. In addition to the facilities like television set, refrigerator, air conditioner, sofa cum bed set for the patient’s attendant & telephone with local call facility, there is also 24/7 hot and cold water facility. It is also furnished with storage cabinet with locker system. It has attached kitchen with microwave and kitchen utensils.
    • Private room (Single Cabins)– These rooms comes with the option of “with and without” air-conditioner. These are the single rooms with an attached washroom and other facilities like television set, refrigerator and bed cum sofa for the patient’s attendant. It is also furnished with storage cabinet with locker system.
    • Semi private (Double Cabins)– This is a shared accommodation for two patients which come with the option of  “with and without” air-conditioner.  Both beds are partitioned with a curtain to maintain patient privacy. The twin room is equipped with a television, telephone, microwave, wardrobe and basic amenities for each patient. An attendant bed cum sofa is also provided for each patient. It also consists of attached washroom and a small pantry.
    • Pediatric Beds– These 4 bedded room is to be shared by 4 patients. Each bed is separated by a curtain to maintain the privacy of the patients. It also consists of attached common toilet and is furnished with storage cabinet with individual locker system for each bed and a bed cum chair for each patient’s attendant.
    • Palliative Beds– We have assigned 10 beds as Palliative beds where Palliative, Pain Management and EOL patients are kept. These are general beds with individual patient cabinet, visitor’s locker and bed cum chair.
    • General Beds – General Beds can be categorized into Special General Beds, Medical Beds, Surgical Beds and Surgical Annex Beds. Special General beds have a central AC facility along with other facilities for patient’s convenience. All other beds are facilitated with central oxygen and suction facility, nurse call bell system apart from routine patient care facilities. The beds are separated by a curtain to maintain the privacy of the patient. A separate bed cum chair is provided to one attendant of each patient and storage cabinet with individual locker system for each bed.
    • Daycare ward– Daycare unit consists of 13 general beds, 6 lounges with 2 single cabins and a double cabin designed for the patients who are admitted for a few hours of chemotherapy or for observation following minor procedures. This specious ward consists of visitor waiting area and chemo mixing room. You can see live chemo mixing of your patients while waiting to start chemotherapy of your patients.
    • Leukemia Beds– These beds are specially designed for those patients with leukemia and other blood related disorders. We strictly  follow the hospital’s infection control guidelines while treating the patient in this ward.
    • S/ICU– We have modular state of the art ICU with all the modern facilities and equipment needed. It consists of a separate isolation room within ICU with positive pressure. Besides that, there is a separate waiting room for patient’s visitors furnished with easy chairs, separate storage for patient’s attendants, television and hot/cold water facility with common toilets.