Dietetics and Nutrition Unit

Head and Consultant Dietician- Kabita Maharjan

Asst. Dietician- Pratikshya Gautam

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is the management of human nutrition and medicine. Dietician is the key person who works on clinical nutrition. The well managed food is a part of clinical nutrition. The admitted patient gets planned food under the supervision of dieticians.

Importance of Oncology Nutrition

The adequate and balanced nutrition is important to maintain patient’s weight, prevent muscles wasting, and strengthen immune system as well as improving quality of life who are undergoing and or completed oncology treatment. The tailored menus were developed considering disease condition, individual food habit & acceptance as likes & dislikes, culture and religion.

Hospital cafeteria

Food service system assures that food will be served in an attractive manner, as effectively as    possible, at both ends food safety and appetizing manner. The staffs are in-serviced to serve the “right diet” with the correct portions as mentioned in diet order slip. The food quality and kitchen hygiene are monitored by Dietetics and Nutrition Unit and Infection Prevention Control unit.

Special diet formulated for patients

  1. Clear liquid diet
  2. Surgery liquid diet
  3. Liquid diet and
  4. Very-very soft diet
  5. Soft diet
  6. Bland diet
  7. Normal diet/General diet
  8. High protein
  9. Low protein/Renal diet
  10. Uremic diet
  11. High sodium
  12. Low sodium
  13. Diabetic diet
  14. Uremic diet
  15. Hepatic diet
  16. Albumin rich diet
  17. Low fat diet
  18. Fat free diet
  19. Coumadin diet
  20. Neutropenic diet
  21. Stoma bag diet
  22. Cardio diet
  23. High potassium diet
  24. Low potassium diet

Beside this special diet has been formulated on patients and visitor request as: Keto diet

Nutrition Support Team

Nutrition support team is a multidisciplinary team consulted to manage patient with complex nutritional needs (oral, enteral and parenteral feeding) assuring that the patients receive optimal nutrition support. It plays a vital role to prevent diet related condition such as malnutrition, drug food interaction, by choosing appropriate nutritional intervention.




(Head and Consultant Dietician- Kabita Maharjan)