ABOUT Dr. Sheelendra Shakya

Consultant Cardiologist

MBBS, MD (NMC Regd. 6166)

Consultant Cardiologist

Special Interest

Preventive Cardiology


Dr Shakya has been providing his services at NCHRC since 2018. He has had extensive experience in the field of Cardiology and critical care from MCVTC, Teaching Hospital and Vayodha Hospital. His other current affiliations include Sumeru City Hospital, Lalitpur Heart Clinic/Nepal Heart Foundation and Wasa Pasa Polyclinic. With a special interest in Preventive Cardiology, he is managing patients with cardiac issues in both Cancer and non Cancer patients, including management of Acute coronary Syndromes, Heart failure, cardiomyopathies, pulmonary embolisms, DVTs and other therapy related issues. He is also involved in assessment and optimization of atherosclerotic risk factors like HTN, T2DM, Dyslipidemia prior to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery making sure that patients are in best of their health for their cancer treatment. In addition to conventional 2D Echocardiogram, he is also using novel technique of strain study to identify patients at high risk of chemotherapy induced Cardiomyopathy and administer preventive strategies in those who require cardioprotection.



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Professional Membership

  1. Cardiac Society of Nepal (CSN)
  2. Nepal Medical Association (NMA)
  3. Society of Internal Medicine Of Nepal (SIMON)
  4. Asian Cardio oncology Society (ACOS)