ABOUT Dr. Rishav Koirala

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Rishav Koirala,MBBS,MD, PhD

NMC Number: 8414

Dr. Rishav Koirala is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a researcher. He established the first Psycho-oncology Clinic of Nepal at our hospital, and opened psych oncology clinic in two more centers. He has completed his PhD on effects of trauma from University of Oslo, Norway. He is deeply committed to improving this subspecialty in the country. He is the executive manager of Brain and Neuroscience Center (BANC) Nepal. He has worked as the focal person for Mental Health in WHO for Nepal, and is the Associate Professor at People’s Medical College and Advisor for Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal. He held the post of Joint Treasurer of the Psychiatrist’s Association of Nepal and has worked in several remote areas of Nepal in promotion of community psychiatry.

Specialized Area: Psycho-oncology, Trauma and Stress Related Disorder, Addiction Psychiatry

Interest: Yoga, Traditional Healing, Anthropology of Mental Health

Experience and Services: Practicing in the field of mental health since 2011.

Professional Membership: Lifetime member of Nepal Medical Council, Psychiatrist Association of Nepal, Norway Nepal Medical Society; Member of American Psychiatric Association.


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