ABOUT Dr. Kapendra Shekhar Amatya

Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Head Of Department

Dr Kapendra Amatya, MS  (NMC Regd.2902)

Head of the Department, Sr.Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Director: Breast Cancer Program

Interest: Breast Cancer Surgery, Gastro Intestinal Cancer Surgery (Stomach and Colo-Rectal Cancer)


Dr. Kapendra has more than 17 years’ experience in Surgical Oncology field. After graduating from Beijing University in 2004, he has worked as a Registrar and Junior Consultant Surgical Oncologist at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital(Bharatpur) for more than 4 years. Subsequently, he joined Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital as Surgical Oncologist and dedicated more than 7 years there and was very instrumental in establishing the Surgical Oncology Department and is credited in starting Onco-plastic Breast surgery in Breast Cancer, Orthotopic Neo bladder Reconstruction in Urinary Bladder Cancer, Laparoscopic services and Pelvic surgeries like Anterior, Posterior and Total Pelvic Exenteration. He is renowned for surgeries like D2 Gastrectomies in Stomach Cancer, Extended Colectomies in Colon Cancer, TME in Rectum Cancer and Whipple’s Surgeries in Pancreas and Duodenum Cancer. He has vast experience in treating more than 1000 cases of breast cancer, 400 cases of stomach cancer, 300 cases of Colon & Rectal Cancer and 250 cases of Urinary bladder cancers and Kidney cancers and many other cancer surgeries. He has received trainings in Oncoplastic Breast Cancer surgery in Thailand and Laproscopic Gastric cancers and in South Korea.



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Professional Membership

Life Member, SAARC Federation of Oncologists Nepal

Member, Asian Clinical Oncology Society

Member, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)