ABOUT Dr Prana Shakya

consultant maxillofacial prosthodontist

Dr Prana Shakya, MDS (NMC Regd. 10600)

Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthodontist

 Special Interest: Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Dental Oncology 

Dr Shakya received her B.D.S. from Manipal University, India in 2010. She was awarded Master’s Degree in Maxillofacial Prosthetics from Mahidol University, Faculty of Dentistry, Thailand in 2015. She received a fellowship program as a teaching staff for 2 years from 2015-2017 with Mahidol University contract as a Thailand Official Employee, where she has been instructing the Masters’ Degree residents for the international program and rehabilitating patients with maxillofacial defects resulting from cancer, trauma and congenital defects with ocular, orbital auricular, facial, maxillary and mandibular prosthesis. Additionally, she has been actively involved in research, publications, and been an international speaker in numerous conferences. She achieved multiple awards for her post-graduate research. In addition to clinical maxillofacial prosthetics, her field of research interest includes phytotherapy in dental oncology, intra-oral and extra-oral implants.


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6.Selection of retentive systems to implant retained auricular prosthesis: Comparative cases
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9.“Implant-Retained Prosthesis for Auricular Defect: An up to 10-yr Follow-up study.” 40th Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference and 8th Biennial Meeting of Asian Academy of Prosthodontics. Chennai, India. (Poster presentation)

Professional Membership 

  1. Nepal Dental Association Life Membership
  2. American Heart Association Health Care Provider, Basic Life Support course certification
  3. Indian Dental Association Membership Karnataka State Dental Council Registration No. 15273 P, Karnataka, India