Nursing services in Nepal cancer hospital and research center

Nursing Services:-

Nursing service is the part of the total health organization which aims at satisfying the nursing needs of the patients/community. In nursing services, the nurse works with the members of allied disciplines such as medical, social service, pharmacy, laboratory, radio diagnosis, dietetics etc. in supplying a comprehensive program of patient care in the hospital. Nurses directly affect the quality of hospital care. Nepal cancer hospital & research center has been providing quality services since its establishment. Nursing care is provided by highly qualified and trained nursing personnel in our center.

Nurses develop a plan of care, working collaboratively with physicians, therapists, the patient, the patient’s family, and other team members that focus on treating illness to improve quality of life. It provides continue nursing education, training, in-service education to the nurses.

Nursing care service system

Nepal cancer hospital and research center focus on evidence based nursing care based on patient assessment. Patient assigned system has been continued since its establishment. Nurses on duty are responsible to the assigned patient. Nurses present the patient’s status/issues in doctor’s round. Each and every procedure related to the nursing care follows the guideline of Nepal cancer hospital and research center.

Objectives of nursing care in ward.

  • Maximum comfort and happiness by way of pleasant surroundings.
  • Qualitative/comprehensive care to the patient.
  • Evidence based nursing care.
  • Individual based nursing care
  • Accurate assessment of illness.
  • Adequate material resources at all times.
  • Health education to the patient and attendants.
  • Managerial skills as and when required.
  • Privacy at all levels.

Specialist nursing care program

In Nepal clinical nurse specialist is new concept however it has been in practice in western country from many years ago. Nepal cancer hospital and research center proud to announce that we recruit few nurses as specialist nurse whose primary responsibility is to  take care of specific cases. They provide expertise and support to nurses caring for patients at the bedside, help drive practice changes throughout the organization, and ensure the use of best practices and evidence-based care to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. In following areas specialist nurses are appointed.

  1. Pain and home care nurse
  2. Palliative care nurse
  3. Hemato oncology nurse
  4. Anesthesia nurse
  5. Surgery oncology nurse
  6. Pediatric oncology nurse

Nursing units

Nepal cancer hospital and research center providing nursing services in broadly two units.

They are as follows

  1. Medical oncology nursing services
  2. Surgical oncology nursing services

1.Medical oncology nursing services – Nursing services in medical oncology provided in various ward like emergency, medical, deluxe A, Deluxe B, day care, Palliative ward. Chemo medicine preparation and administration, PICC and port line care, malignant wound care, pain assessment and management, growth factor administration, blood transfusion, end of life care etc. nursing services are provided

Palliative care services – To improve the quality of life of cancer patient, to manage the discomfort of patient palliative care services are also providing in this hospital.

2.Surgery oncology nursing services

Over half decade we have successfully raised the standard and care in surgical oncology care treatment and care of patient in Nepal. our staff is vastly experienced in  taking care of different surgical patient   for different unit such as surgical oncology, Oncoplasty breast surgery,  Gynae onco surgery, Head and neck onco surgery, Ortho onco surgery,Uro onco surgery, Neuro surgery, Colorectal surgery.

Our staff is well versed in taking care of pre op and post op patient with general surgical oncology patient with free flaps, chest tube, abdomen drain etc.

We have a dedicated ENT surgical High Dependency Unit compromising with 4 beds dealing with all free flap, rotational flap, and tracheotomy and drain patient as this patient need utmost care.

We have a separate dedicated surgical oncology HDU comprising with 5 beds dealing with all post op case and all post patients needing step up from ICU, on HDU is equipped with cardiac monitor, infusion pumps in each station and separate nurse assigned.

All patients who need step down from HDU is admitted to general surgical oncology ward.

When time of patient discharge we train patient party and patient on stoma care, tracheotomy care and drain care, physiotherapy and incentive spirometry.

Human resources in nursing service

Assistant matron ( Ms. Lahar maya Bhasinka) – 1

Nursing supervisors – 2

  1. Medical oncology nursing supervisor ( Ms Bidhya Rai)
  2. Surgery oncology nursing supervisor ( Ms Sabita Poudel )


Nursing Officers –  4

  1. Anuja Sharma
  2. Pravina Khadka
  3. Mandira Baniya
  4. Regina Kattel

Acting incharge – 8

  1. Puja Dhungana
  2. Sannu Shrestha
  3. Anisha K.C
  4. Prajana Maharjan
  5. Richa Shrestha
  6. Deepa Maharjan
  7. Bijaya Tandukar
  8. Rojina Maharjan

Specialist  nurse – 6

  1. Usha Poudel
  2. Urina Shrestha
  3. Sagina Maharjan
  4. Neeru Khadka
  5. Nirjina Adhikari
  6. Reshmina Thapa

Staff nurse – 111