Though most of the cancers are curable if diagnosed early, people coming to hospitals for diagnosis and treatment in early stages are very low in Nepal. Even if they did, Nepal lacked the equipment  and manpower that helped in proper and timely diagnosis.  Due to lack of comprehensive cancer center patients were forced to go to abroad seeking the diagnosis and treatment of their disease.  Besides that, illiteracy and ignorance of people played a significant role in increased cancer mortality among Nepalese people.

We came with the idea of establishing a comprehensive cancer center here itself in Nepal with the motive of providing all cancer treatments under a single roof. Our mission has been people and community-oriented; we strive to create a bond of harmony and friendship between healthcare professionals and our employees in order to foster a culture of positive healthcare that is reflected through our compassion, the quality of our services and level of patient satisfaction.

Besides that, NCHRC also aims at increasing the awareness among general people through various educational & training. We have also been conducting health camps in different parts of the country in coordination with the local governments and support from various NGO/INGO with an aim to detect cancer early if there’s any. We believe that by ensuring better healthcare services for present and future generations, we contribute to building a brighter world together.

So far we have been successful in our endeavor of providing international standard treatment of cancer in our hospital. We have been growling yearly and have established ourselves as one of the premier cancer hospital of the country. It has all been possible because of the trust of our patients. We wish to gradually bring cutting age technologies, cost effective treatment for our patients. All our focus is in diverted towards patient satisfaction.

The year 2020 has been a challenging year for health care providers all around the globe and so is 2021especially for India and Nepal. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of all of us, both personally and professionally. It has changed the way we live and the way we care for our patients. The focus has now shifted to patient safety and care in addition to the timely diagnosis and treatment. The COVID-19 pandemic is contributing to late-stage diagnosis of the patient resulting in poor prognosis. We want people to visit hospital and have their checkup if they experience any kind of changes either big or small within themselves. Even if it is not possible to visit hospital physically, they can meet the doctors virtually through telemedicine services.

The ongoing pandemic taught us how necessary it is to remain healthy and for this we need to have our health monitored timely. Going hospitals only after having some problem is not sufficient. So we would like to request everyone to have their health checkups on regular basis and visit the near health institutions if you experience any unusual changes in your body. We would like to request everyone to adopt all the necessary precautions and safety measures for COVID-19 from your side.

Dr Bijesh Raj Ghimire

Co-founder, Medical Director

Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist