Department of surgical oncology

Message from the Department

Welcome to the Department of Surgical oncology at the Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center. I am pleased to provide you with an overview of our Department, which comprised of 13 full time Surgeons and 14 visiting surgeons. Our surgical units manage a broad range of disease expanding the spectrum from common general surgical procedures to highly complex procedures that are only done in specialized centers. Increasingly, our clinical activities, programs and initiatives are structured in a programmatic approach. Our mandate is to continuously contribute to improve the care of patients with surgical needs. We benefit from an enormously experienced faculty that has wide ranging areas of expertise. A multidisciplinary team of Medical oncology, Radiation oncology, Pathologist, Radiologist and Internal medicine specialists cooperate in the development of patient treatment plans.

Department of surgical oncology is further subdivided into

Head Of Department: Dr. Kapendra Shekhar Amatya

Full time Doctors

  1. Surgical Oncology Unit (Breast & GI Surgery)

Dr. Kapendra.S.Amataya (Sr. Consultant)

Dr. Hemant Batajoo (Consultant)

Dr. Atish.D.Bajracharya (Sr. Registrar)

  1. Head and Neck oncology unit

Dr. Prabhat.C.Thakur (Unit Head, Consultant)

Dr. Pravin Kumar Jaiswal (Registrar)

  1. Gynaecoloic oncology unit

Dr. Anju Shrestha (Unit Head, Sr. Consultant)

Dr. Anu Bajracharya (Sr. Consultant)

Dr. Srijana Lama (Asst. Consultant)

Dr. Anusha Sharma (Registrar)

  1. Breast Oncoplasty Unit

Dr. Kapendra.S.Amataya (Sr. Consultant) (Director Breast Cancer Program)

Dr. Prafulla Shakya (Consultant) (Co- Director Breast Cancer Program)

Dr. Aaga Shrestha (Registrar)

  1. Musculoskeletal and Soft tissue Tumor unit

Dr. Rishi.R.Poudel (Consultant)

  1. Cardiothoracic oncology unit

Dr. Sampurna.M.Tuladhar (Sr. Consultant)

Visiting Doctors:

  1. Urology oncology unit

Dr. Robin Joshi (Sr. Consultant)

  1. Hepatobilliary and pancreatic unit

Dr. Prabin.B.Thapa (Sr. Consultant)

Dr. Dhiresh.K.Maharjan (Consultant)

  1. Musculo skeletal and Soft tissue Tumor unit

Dr. Janith.L.Singh (Consultant)

Dr. Dependra  Maharjan (Consultant)

  1. Spine unit

Dr. Gaurav.R.Dhakal (Consultant)

  1. Neurosurgery unit

Dr. Anish.M.Singh (Consultant)

Dr. Manish Kolakshyapati (Consultant)

Dr. Abhishek Chaturvedi (Consultant)

  1. Plastic surgery unit

Dr. Surendra.J.Basnet (Consultant)

Dr. Krishna Nagarkoti (Consultant)

  1. Pediactric unit

Dr. Ashish Lal Shrestha (Consultant)

  1. Colorectal unit

Dr. Satyadeep Bhattacharya (Consultant)

  1. Gyanecology unit

Dr. Jitendra Pariyar (Consultant)

  1. Maxillofacial prosthodontist

Dr.Prana Shakya (Consultant)


Out Patient services:

We plan treatment and investigations in consultation with you and your family to help you choose the best treatment option. We also provide information and other support that you or your family might need.

Our outpatient services include minor surgeries, endoscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, stoma and wound care.


In Patient services:

Vastly experienced team in different field of surgical oncology is dedicated in providing quality care with excellence. Our resources include surgical ICU, Post-operative ward, High Dependency Ward, 2 surgical wards.

Operative procedures

  1. Breast cancer surgery ranging from excision, mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast conservative to reconstruction surgery.
  2. Gastrointestinal surgery ranging from esophagectomy, laparoscopic gastrectomy, laparoscopic hemicolectomy, laproscopic low anterior resection, ultra-low anterior resection to abdominal perineal resection surgery, Cytoreductive surgeries for recurrent colon malignancy.
  3. Hepatobilliary and pancreatic surgery- whipples, laparoscopic extended cholecystectomy, hepatectomy
  4. Thoracic surgery- VATS, lobectomy, pneumonectomy
  5. Head and Neck surgery- ranging from thyroidectomy, oral cavity surgery, parathyroidectomy to Laryngectomy with reconstruction surgery
  6. Gynecology procedure ranging from cystectomy, TAHBSO, Radical hysterectomy to primary or secondary cytoreductive surgery.
  7. Soft tissue and bone surgery with reconstructions surgery.
  8. Neurosurgery and spinal procedure
  9. Pediatric procedure.
  10. Urology procedure ranging from cytoscopy, stenting, orchidectomy, TURP,TURBT, Laproscopic nephrectomy to radical prostatectomy with neobladder creation surgery.


Total cases till 2020:

Major cases-3560

Intermediate cases-2088

Minor cases-3983

Total case -9631



Your initial visit starts with appointment with respected specialist, to make most of your appointment with the doctors, please come 30 min prior to appointment and please bring all the medical records with you. The specialist might ask for diagnostic investigation such as blood report, imaging and histopathology report.

We believe that cancer treatment needs time and patience. The specialist will take all relevant data and plan the best treatment options suited for you.

Follow up of cancer patient is of paramount importance, so please book your next appointment.


What to bring:

-name, address, telephone no of the doctor or hospital who referred you to us.

-complete history and physical form.

-list of medicine you are taking.

-any relevant medical records,X-rays,Ct-scan,MRI’s, biopsy reports or other lab report of other facilities.


Frequently Asked Question:

Millions of cancer patient undergoes surgery every year, it’s important for patient to be informed about the surgeries recommended, particularly if it is elective surgery rather than emergency surgery. All surgeries have risks and benefit which you should familiarize yourself before deciding whether the procedure is appropriate for you. It is important to remember that well informed patient tends to be more satisfied with outcome or result of the procedure

  1. Will we need blood?

Depending on the procedure your primary doctor will ask to secure blood for operation use, it is of utmost important to secure blood prior to surgery

  1. Why is the procedure necessary?

Reason for surgery may vary from relieving pain or preventing pain to diagnosing a problem to improve body function, ask your doctor to specifically explain the procedure to you and make sure you understand how does it improve your condition?

  1. What are the risk and possible complication of having the surgery?

Surgery always carries some risks, so it is important to weigh the benefit against the risks before surgery, ask your doctor to outline the complications, such as infections, bleeding, possible side effect that could follow the procedure.

  1. What can I expect during recovery?

Ask your doctor what to expect post-surgery, length of hospital stay, immediate and late complication, chemotherapy options as it varies in different procedure.

  1. What are the cost of the operation?

Ask your doctor for the estimate cost of your surgery.

  1. Follow up post-surgery?

All cancer surgery will have a follow up surveillance plan as per guideline, ask your doctor regarding the follow up and investigation needed to be done in the follow up.


Contact us:

You can contact us through Viber, Whatsup or via mobile phone, numbers are provided in the website. You can also ask your primary doctor for his/ her personal numbers if needed.

Please send voice messages or text messages as your primary doctor may be in surgery and cannot pick up the phone.

In case of emergency please contact the hospital ER number or surgery duty doctor on call if your doctor does not pick up the phone.

Future plan:

Gastrointestinal center of excellence.

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

Fellowship Training Program.

Robotic surgery.