Admission Process at NCHRC

Usually patient gets admitted at our center by 3ways;

  1. Emergency

Whenever patient has some serious health issues and emergency attention is needed, we call the patient at emergency. After emergency management, the patient gets shifted/admitted to respective wards.

  1. Daycare

A patient getting chemotherapy or other treatment on day care basis sometimes might get admission on need basis. If patient needs admission, the patient party is counseled properly and is assigned the beds as per choice.

  1. OPD

Patients at first visit the doctor at O.P.D.. After analyzing the reports, the patient is explained about the treatment and tentative costs. After doing the required investigations, the patient is admitted  and treatments are done accordingly.

Steps for getting Admission at NCHRC.

  1. Initial Assessment of the Patient.
  2. Prepare for Admission Oder Note.
  • Patient Allocation to Respective Wards

Patients are allocated to respective wards like medical, palliative, surgery, pediatric e.t.c. as per the need of the patient. You can choose the Bed as per your comfort (Deluxe, Single Cabin, Double Cabin, and General). If the desired bed is not available at the time of admission, we will allocate you the available bed and book the desired bed in your name at the time of admission. As soon as the occupied bed gets vacant, we will assign that bed to you and shift you in that bed

  1. Patient/Patient Parties are requested to go to cash counter with Admission Order Note.
  2. You are requested to submit the Admission Order Note at Cash Counter. In addition to that, you are requested to fill up the Admission Consent Form and deposit the amount for admission as per the rules of the hospital. The deposit amount may vary according to the bed type and the planned treatment.
  3. After depositing the amount, you will be handed with the deposit slip along with the consent form. You can call at Ext. no. 208/209/210 or 394 and get information related to total no. of stay, total costs, amount deposited, payable amount and all other financial information related to your patient.
  • Reception staff will guide you to your respective wards.