Dr. Sudip Shrestha, the Executive Chairman of Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center (NCHRC) is a visionary and a pioneer in the field of oncology in Nepal. His “dream project” of a comprehensive cancer hospital in Nepal that provided quality cancer care was realized in 2015, when NCHRC was established under his leadership as Executive Chairman.

Before NCHRC, Dr. Shrestha worked as Medical Director and HOD of Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, helping establish and run this important public hospital, and also played an instrumental role in establishing the Om Cancer Care Centre, the dedicated cancer care wing of a popular private hospital in Nepal. His passion for comprehensive cancer care has led him to envision and set up many organizations dedicated to academic, palliative or other aspects of cancer care. As founding president, he provided the vision and energy for the establishment of Nepalese Association of Palliative Care (NAPCare 2009) and the Nepal Cancer Support group (NCSG 2009). He is also a founder member of Om Health Foundation, a voluntary organization to help poor patients.

As the country’s leading expert on cancer, he has been involved in numerous cancer activities as speaker, teacher, organizer, researcher, or founder. Dr. Shrestha continues being bold and visionary in tackling cancer in Nepal, and wants to help make cancer treatment and control a part of the country’s national health policy, and help cover cancer patients under a national health insurance policy.