Name: Dr. Kapendra Shekhar Amatya

Qualification: MS

Designation: Consultant Surgical Oncologist, HOD

Department: Surgical Oncology

After graduating from Beijing University, Dr. Kapendra worked as a surgeon at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital for over 11 years. Subsequently, he joined Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital where he was very instrumental in establishing the Surgical Oncology department and is credited in starting Onco-plastic Breast surgery in Breast Cancer, Orthotopic Neo bladder reconstruction in Urinary Bladder Cancer, Laproscopic services and Pelvic surgeries like Anterior, Posterior and Total Pelvic Excentration. He is renowned for surgeries like D2 Gastrectomies in Stomach Cancer, Extended Colectomies in Colon Cancer, TME in Rectum Cancer and Whipple’s Surgeries in Pancreas and Duodenum Cancer.