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Uro-Oncology Unt

Uro-oncology unit is headed by Associate Professor Dr. Robin Joshi and his team. The department is actively pursuing to establish a comprehensive unit since the day of establishment of NCHRC and has been providing the latest state of art surgery in the field of Uro-Oncology and urology. It has been performing radical surgery for bladder, prostate, kidney, penile, testicular cancer etc. and endoscopic surgery like TURP, TURBT. Recently the department conducted survivor meet on September 6th, 2017 for patients who had undergone surgery. It was a huge success in respect to patient care and interaction between patients.

During 2074, seventeen radical nephrectomy were performed for kidney  cancer with 8 partial  nephron sparing surgery for small kidney masses. There were 8 patients who  underwent  radical  cysto-prostatectomy (RCP) with 4 neo-bladder for  Urinary  Bladder  cancer. Four patients underwent  radical  prostatectomy  for prostate cancer. Apart from these couple of patients had penectomy with ILNO for penile cancers. Uro-oncology department is also devoted in promoting surgeries lik e TURP for enlarged prostate and TURBT fo r bladder cancer. We w ill soon be adding bipolar TURP/T URBT and laser surgery, which w ill definitely increase efficiency and standard care as a complete package in Urology at NCHRC.

We are closely working with other departments like medical, radiation oncology and gynae-oncology Tumor board discussion on Wednesdays has helped us decide best standard treatment and explain prognosis to our patients

Uro-oncology unit provides following services:

  1. Radical Prostatectomy
  2. Radical Cystectomy with neo-bladder
  3. Radical or partial Nephrectomy
  4. Penectomy
  5. TURBT
  6. TURP
  7. Cystoscopy
  8. Ureteroscopy
  9. DJ stenting
  10. Prostate cancer screening program
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