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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Therapy or radiotherapy plays a vital role in the management of cancer. It is a type of treatment, which uses ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells or keep them from growing. Radiation works by damaging the genetic materials of cancer cells thus killing them or limiting their ability to successfully reproduce. During radiotherapy normal healthy cells are also affected but they are able to repair themselves. Though normal cells behave in a different way to radiation they are destroyed leading to permanent damage if high doses are imparted on them. Thus it is of utmost important to use state of art radiotherapy treatment planning and machine so that very less radiation could reach to the normal cells and tissues and adequate dose could be delivered to the cancer cells and tumor. It is estimated that nearly two third of cancer patients need radiotherapy during their cancer journey. Radiation oncologists have been treating cancer patients with radiation safely and effectively for more than 100 years.

Radiation Oncology Team

A team of highly qualified medical professionals involved in the radiation therapy takes care of cancer patients for radiotherapy and related issues. The team is led by qualified radiation oncologist- a physician who is specialized to treat cancer with radiotherapy. Other members of the team are medical physicist, radiotherapy technologist/technician, radiation oncology nurse, dietician and social worker. Medical physicists assist in determining the doses and techniques of delivering radiation and the technologist/technicians deliver the planned radiotherapy. Oncology nurses, dietician and social workers assist the patients and their family.

Department of radiation oncology of Nepal Cancer hospital and research center is committed to provide the highest quality state of the art cancer care. The department is bringing a state-of-art high-end radiotherapy machine TRUEBEAM by Varian the most trusted brand from USA. The team is led by three radiation oncologists namely Dr. Gisupnikha Prasiko, Dr. Bibek Acharya and Dr. Ambuj Karn who have extensive trainings and years of experiences. Highly trained Medical physicist and radiotherapy technician from Nepal and India will be hired to ensure the quality of the treatment. As a multidisciplinary approach all the oncology specialists work with one another to develop individualized treatment plans for each patient which ensures the best management of the specific patient.