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Screening program

In consideration of assessment of health status of people of sex, different age, ethnicity and risk factors we will design various types of subsidized cancer screening packages to suit every need. Services Tailored to Patients’ Needs. We live in a diverse community and so understand that our patients will have diverse needs. Keeping in mind our mission to create a home-like environment for the patient families, our staff will have the capability to communicate in any of the major languages spoken in Nepal. The hospital restaurants and cafes will have the option to serve food according to their ethnic preferences as well. Utmost care will be taken to respect the time value of the client. Waiting time will be kept minimal for all hospital services. Proper appointment system will be established for this purpose. Patients and family will be well taken care of in all the basic aspects, for example sitting, waiting and parking area, information system, Help Desk, staff attitude and behaviour, locker facility, descent restroom and bath facilities, recreation facilities, cafe and dinning facilities, shopping areas, bank, ATM, transport, free Wi-Fi zone, business center with internet, photocopy, fax postal facility, travel desk etc.