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Workshop on Research Proposal Writing for Healthcare Professionals in NCHRC

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                   Hospital Research Board of Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center organized a Workshop on Research Proposal Writing for Healthcare Professionals on 2nd March 2019 Saturday. This was the fourth volume of the research workshop organized by NCHRC. The workshop was designed to identify, motivate and prepare healthcare professionals and academicians for a research career in their respective profession. The objectives of this Workshop were as follows
o    How to write a grant proposal
o    To discuss how to turn research in their impact
o    To discuss the essentials of the research protocol
o    How to write a manuscript for journal
o    How to avoid plagiarism in medical writing
o    To motivate participants for multidisciplinary research
                                The International Resource person for this workshop was Professor Mohamed Izham B. Mohamed Ibrahim, Ph.D. from Qatar University College of Pharmacy, Qatar. The national Resource Persons were Professor Dr. Rano Mal Piryani MD, Fellowship in Medical Education from Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa, Nepal, Dr. Safiur Rahman Ansari from HELF Informatics and Dr. Praval Khanal, Ph.D.,fromManchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.
                         The topics that were covered during this workshop was Grant writing, Manuscript writing, turning research into impact, Essential of Research Protocol, Research with Medical Records, Plagiarism.
                   There was 120 number of participants which included in house staffs of NCHRC and healthcare professionals working at different hospitals, NGOs and INGOs. There was also a huge number of participants from different Universities in Nepal. The certificated for participants were distributed with Nepal Health Research Council 5 credit hour Certificate. 
                    The workshop formal program was started with Welcome Speech by Dr. Sudip Shrestha, Executive Chairman of NCHRC followed by Dr. Bijesh Raj Ghimire, Medical Director of Hospital. The workshop overview was briefly explained by Dr. Sunil Shrestha, Clinical Pharmacistand Research Associate and Program Coordinator of the workshop. The first half of the workshop program was initiated with a presentationin the title "Turning research into impact" by Prof Dr. Izham, "Essentials of Research Protocol" by Prof Dr. Piryani and "Why Proposals are rejected?" by Prof Dr. Izham again. 
                   The second half of the workshop session started with Dr. Khanal presentation on Plagiarism in Medical Research and Dr. Safiur presentation on Research with Medical Records". After this presentation, the main highlight of the workshop was Grant Writing and Manuscript Writing by Prof. Dr. Izham. 
                  The workshop on grant writing and manuscript was followed by interactive sessions by all the resource persons. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Murari Man Shrestha, Member Secretary of Hospital Research Board and Deputy Director, Division of Preventive Oncology, NCHRC.