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Infection Control Program

The infection control program is vital for any health care setting. The infection control program will be productive with comprehensive infection control policy and its successful implementation along with an active surveillance and prevention activities, as well as effective staff training. Breach of infection control practices could result into spread of disease in the hospital. Therefore, it is essential for all health care workers, patient and visitors to strictly follow infection control guidelines.

Mission of the Program
To educate staff, patients and general public with clear guidelines to control and prevent transmission of infection.

NCHRC infection control activities:
•    Isolation of high risk patients.
•    Isolation of neutropenic patients
•    Investigating an outbreak.
•    Antibiotic prescribing guidelines
•    Monitoring and surveillance.
•    Several educational and awareness tools have been established to teach infection control and prevention measures to health care workers and general public to prevent the transmission of disease.
•    Screen savers and reminders in different areas of the hospital.
•    Organize Patient Safety Awareness workshops.
•    Several awareness activities such as hame if jeapordy on infection control program, hand hygiene month, infection control months.
•    Alcohol hand rub available for use by general public in every floor, lobby, at the entry of the hospital building, wards and every bed.