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Now, NCHRC Have also "Breast Care Clinic"

Article Published On Health Today "Breast Care Clinic" & "Breast Cancer  Survivors Meet" the month of "Pink Ribbon" October.


Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center

Breast Care Clinic: The Breast Clinic at Nepal Cancer Hospital & Research Center coordinates most up to date services, research studies and education to provide a highly personalized evaluation and treatment plan. This multidisciplinary approach assures that the combined knowledge and wisdom of many experienced breast cancer specialists are available to provide you with the latest quality breast cancer treatment and research.

The Breast Clinic provides diagnosis, imaging and treatment to those with breast changes and problems, including:

  • Abnormal mammograms
  • Breast cancer
  • Breast lumps
  • Breast pain
  • Fibrocystic breasts

Although most breast changes aren't cancerous, it's important to have them evaluated promptly. When changes are detected early, more treatment options are usually available, increasing the likelihood of a cure and long-term recovery.

The Breast Clinic offers:

  •     State-of-the-art screening and diagnostic services, including mammography, ultrasound, image-guided breast FNAC & biopsies and surgical biopsies
  •     Comprehensive care provided by a team of dedicated professionals from a variety of specialty practices
  •     Innovative treatment strategies and a supportive environment, making treatment as effective and comfortable as possible
  •     Genetic counseling
  •     Consultation and second opinions from experts from India
  •     Up-to-date educational programs for health-care professionals, patients and families
  •     Social services to assist patients and families with emotional and physical needs

Many Breast Clinic patients are self-referred; they come seeking an opinion on an abnormal mammogram, a physical change in the breast, a new diagnosis of cancer, or a high-risk family history.The treatment team develops an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan, thoroughly reviewing the options available for each patient. The team of health-care professionals in the Breast Clinic includes:

Surgeons (oncologic and reconstructive)

Oncologists (Medical and Radiation cancer specialists)

Diagnostic and interventional radiologists


Oncology nurses

Clinical social workers and survivors forum (Kalyani)

Physical therapists

Genetic counselors


This multidisciplinary approach helps to ensure each patient's needs are met and the most effective medical care is provided. Most services and treatments are provided in one roof so care is convenient for the patient. Care is given in a supportive environment, and consultation rooms and imaging areas are designed for the comfort of patients.

The Breast Clinic will run every day from 10:00am to 3:00pm, except for Saturdays

Genetics Councelling
Physio  Therapy
Prosthesis Clinics
Breast Care Nursing/Lymphedema care
Clinical Social Worker/ Kalyani

Surgery (KSA)

Radiation (BA)

Medical (BRG)

Surgery (HB)

Medical (SS)

Mammogram, USG of Breast, FNAC, Core Biopsy will be performed daily.

Kalyani are a group of self-help advocate/ social workers who have conquered breast cancer and are working to help people with breast cancers.


Breast Care Clinic Co-ordinator: Dr. KapendraShekharAmatya

Surgery (KSA)   

Medical (BRG)    

Radiation (BA)     

Surgery (HB)

Medical (SS)        



Dr. KapendraShekharAmatya

Dr. Bijesh Raj Ghimere

Dr. BibekAcharya

Dr. HemantBatajoo

Dr. SachinShakya

Dr. AmbujKarn


Breast Radiologist                     Dr. SarojChataut/ Dr. AmritKoirala

Breast Radiographer                  MsSaraswatiKarki

Breast Pathologist                     Dr. BanitaGurung

Breast Care Nurse                    MsChandni/ MsBidhya

Lymphedema care                     MsChandni/ MsBidhya

Psychologist/ psychiatrist


Clinical Geneticist

For appointment please call 9803001333